Celebrating our lab rats

Today seems a good day to celebrate those team members that are stuck in the clean laboratory container most of the day and night. As soon as the water collecting bottles (our “GoFlo” bottles) surface from their sampling trip from the deep ocean, the carriers will bring them to the container, where Natasha, Thato, Ryan and Andile subsample the water into smaller sample bottles for various analyses. The main subsampling takes around 4-5 hours and then Natasha filters the remaining water from all 24 GoFlo bottles for her research on trace metal ligands (those ligands make the trace metal more accessible to the phytoplankton and are therefore extremely important in the trace metal-organism cycling). This takes a takes her another couple of hours! When they finish it is almost time to prepare the next station.

So, here is to our little lab heroes working with super powers!



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