Last water stop

We had our last station to collect water from the abyssal ocean yesterday. Just before yet another storm hit us. That last station was at ca. 41 degrees South and marked the end of our transect as we could not reach our planned last station at 38 degrees South anymore, we had to make our way back home to Cape Town.

At that last station we deployed again our GoFlo carousel to sample in a trace metal clean way and also the Niskin bottle for a range of other samples. The weather service also deployed a weather bouy, but that went so fast, that I did not even have time to get my camera out. So, you don’t get any photo of it. You may blame them for working too fast 🙂

For our own purpose, we invited again “bottle carriers”. The bottles full of water are heavy, 12L plus the non-neglectable weight of the bottle itself. And you have to transport them very carefully, in order to prevent any contamination with dust grains from your clothing. Throughout the cruise though, we luckily had strong volunteers queuing to carry bottles, despite the fact that it was usually very cold and also more often than not, in the middle of the night.


It is also time to show you a very important face of this entire cruise, the one of our CTD operator, Thalia, who is “driving” the carousel on its way down into the ocean and back and ensures all bottles are triggered (closed) at the desired depth. That too, is not always a pleasant job in the middle of the night after a hard day of work.




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