New team members since 2016

A few new team members haven’t been presented yet, even though most of them already contributed posts.

We now work closely together with the biotechnologists to better understand the link between microbes and biogeochemical cycling. Within this larger aim, we currently have a new member from the Department of Conservation Ecology, Stellenbosch University, Jodie Pieterse:


Jodie Pieterse hard at work in the lab at Stellenbosch University, Inst. Plant Biotechnology

I’m Jodi Alice Pieterse. My undergraduate studies were in the Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology. I am currently still enrolled at this department, but my fourth year project is a collaboration between the Centre for Trace and Experimental Biogeochemistry (with Dr. Susanne Fietz) and the Institute for Plant Biotechnology (with Drs James Lloyd and Ethel Phiri). The project focuses on the identification of bacteria found in the Southern Ocean and the role these microbes play in altering the chemical speciation and distribution of trace metals, and in turn, how this affects phytoplankton growth. I’m excited to be on this team and even more excited to see what we find. When I’m not in the lab, I’m trying to get strangers dogs to love me.